Creating Abundance in Your Life

“For it is in the giving that we receive.” Francis of Assisi Giving is a form of spiritual energy. What does that mean? Spiritual energy does not flow from us. It flows through us. This energy flows through us every day in many ways. Our minds, bodies, abilities, talents, actions … Continue reading

Depression – Exercise

As the days grow shorter and there is less sunshine many of us tend to fall into a sort of depression.  With the holidays approaching stress is an added factor.  Both of these conditions can be combated by taking a few minutes each day to get some exercise.   I like … Continue reading


How tired and drained we feel when we are congested.  Every breath is a struggle that saps our energy.  We are left feeling dried out and dehydrated. Try a humidifier.  Either warm air or cold air will work wonders.  It adds moisture to the air which helps to thin the … Continue reading

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