Contests and Giveaways!

Here are some contests and giveaways from around the community to enter.  Who doesn’t like free stuff? Mystic Echoes – This is a drawing on the Mystic Echoes Facebook page.  If you hurry you can still enter to get in on it.  Make sure you are on the original post … Continue reading

Freebie Friday

Thought it would be fun to share some drawings and giveaways from around the Pagan community. Matty’s Pagan Creations is giving away this beautiful Tree of Life in oak with resin inlay pendant.   Details on how to enter can be found on their Facebook page.  Drawing is May 24, … Continue reading

Shop the Community Businesses – Part 1

We all talk about how we want to support the small business owner rather than the big businesses.  These businesses are all a part of our community and a part of the Pagan Business Network. Celia My Holiday special is: 10 CDs for $100 includes shipping in the US. It … Continue reading

I Am Enough

Sometimes (heck, most times) it feels like I am not enough.  You know the feeling.  We are all slammed with advertisements all over the place that prey on these feelings.  Not skinny enough?  No problem.  There are a thousand weight loss plans out there.  Not fit enough?  Someone has the … Continue reading

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