Shopping Sunday!

There are so many great merchants in the Pagan community. ┬áThe summer is generally a slow time for those that aren’t vending at festivals. Many of you know that I run the Pagan Business Network and that I am devoted to serving the Pagan business community. ┬áThese particular businesses participated … Continue reading

The Crooked Broom – Business Spotlight

How would you describe your business? TCB offers ritual, spell and every day items for the modern Pagan. We also do custom orders for jewelry, including chain maille, for the individual. No two creations are alike. We carry candles, herbs, oils, altar clothes, tote bags, some books, books of shadows, … Continue reading

Sleipnir Pagan & Alternative Spirituality Shop – Business Spotlight

What inspired you to start your own business? This is actually the second incarnation of my business. In 1993 my mother and I opened the first version, Handled With Care, together. The store then was a mix of collectibles, vintage clothing, and gaming. Within 6 months of us having the … Continue reading

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