Some Favorite Blogs


Southern Fried Witch – a delightful blog with all kinds of wisdom mixed with a sense of humor that is likely to have you chuckling to yourself all day as you remember some little tidbit you read that day.  A “must read” for any Pagan and especially those of us in the south.

Southern Fried Paganshares wonderful things like recipes and traditions of the different Sabbats, but there is more.  So much more.  She puts out these wonderful teaching moments about life in general that people, not just Pagans should live by everywhere.

Midnight Candle )0( – A blog for all Pagans, supporters, and nature lovers to embrace the Divine, commune, and learn the Old Ways together.

Lily Oak – Blog of Lily Oak, writer and creator of

Pagan Business Network – We work together to grow our businesses.  Members include but not limited to bloggers, vendors, artisan, authors, musicians, podcasters, vloggers, group owners, online businesses, brick and mortar stores.

Nancy LaPorta – Psychic, Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Teacher, Healer, Lightworker

Charissa’s Cauldron – Natural Remedies, Magickal Supplies, Everything you need to live a magickal life.

The Crooked Broom News – A blog put out by The Crooked Broom‘s owner on magickal tips and news.





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