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AZ Stained Glass LLCAZ Stained Glass, LLC

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Wings Over the Hedge


Kaimera Orion – Wings Over the Hedge

I am happy to announce that I am doing an August GIVEAWAY! It will run until the end of August. I will select three winners. First prize will be an autographed hard copy of my book “The Paranormal Enigma Collection”. The second and third winners will receive a 20% off coupon for my etsy store that can be used on any product available. I will also throw in a surprise at the end of the giveaway.
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Phoenix Rising Apothecary WP

Phoenix Rising Apothecary

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Mystic Echoes




Mystic Echoes

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Sage's Aromatherapy and Oils




Sage’s Aromatherapy

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Conjured Cardea

Conjured Cardea

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Sleeping Gryphon WP



Sleeping Gryphon

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That “Real Job”

There was a status post on a dear friend’s Facebook page a few days ago that I just can’t shake. My friend is like so many of us and works very hard along with her husband to support her family and pay their bills. And like so many of us those ends that are supposed to meet more often than not are way too far apart to ever touch. She doesn’t have a “job” working at ridiculously low hourly wages at a grocery store or fast food restaurant. She runs her own business from home.


The status post I can’t wrap my head around involves an insensitive and probably well meaning comment when another financial crisis hit (you know what those feel like, right?) The car breaks down and you don’t have money to fix it. The roof needs repairs you can’t afford. Someone gets injured or sick and there are medical bills you can’t pay.  I could go on and on with examples.


The comment that hurt so much was that she should get a “real job”.


So what is a “real job”?   Would you not say that someone that farms for a living growing food to sell to pay for their land and feed their family doesn’t have a real job? Would you say that someone that makes jewelry twelve hours a day to sell online and at festivals doesn’t have a real job? Does a real job really mean that you have to work for someone else doing tasks to put money in their pockets? I have done that “work for someone else” thing and I have to say that it doesn’t mean you are more financially stable than when you are working for yourself.


I can’t say for sure what my friend’s day looks like on an hourly basis. I don’t follow her around. But knowing what her results are I know she puts in long sweaty hard hours. All I can really talk about here is my experience without a “real job”.


My work day looks something like this:


Sometime between 5-6 AM getting up and sucking down the coffee. The computer is open as soon as I can see straight. Usually by the time I’ve downed my first cup of coffee. I’m checking business pages, checking on my shops online and then starting one of the day’s tasks while chugging some more coffee.   Today is Sunday. My day started the same. Today I worked on adding some listings to my store. I took photos, wrote listings, tagged items, took a 15 minute lunch break and then back to it. I kept this pace up until around 7:30PM. I periodically checked in on Facebook on a networking group I run, took about 30 minutes to help one of my network get an ad created and took the dogs out several times so they could…well…you know what dogs do.


All total, I would have to say that I may have spent 45 minutes throughout the day not working. This is what my week looks like 7 out of 7 days most weeks.

I never worked this hard for any of my past employers and I was a dedicated hard worker. The joy wasn’t there. I was not working for my own dream or my own business. I was working to fulfill someone else’s dream. And in case you think that hourly wage jobs are going to keep you from having your life spin out of control the first time your transmission needs to be replaced, think again. Without your vehicle you can’t get to work to make the little bit of money they pay you for your time and without getting to work to make that money you aren’t going to be able to get the transmission.


If you have a friend that is having a hard time with one of life’s bills, do not tell them to get a “real job”. Listen, empathize and give them a safe place to vent. Let her make her decide what her “real job” is in this world.   If she is working at her own business she is more than likely working harder than any one person should already.


This is probably a rant train that is hard to follow. For those of you that stayed on it, thank you.


Freebie Friday

Thought it would be fun to share some drawings and giveaways from around the Pagan community.

Matty’s Pagan Creations is giving away this beautiful Tree of Life in oak with resin inlay pendant. 11201139_484965271669689_8753373537875778217_o  Details on how to enter can be found on their Facebook page.  Drawing is May 24, 2015 so enter quickly!   While you are there entering take a look at the their other work.  Really beautiful stuff!








Readings by Jasmine Willow Fae is holding a drawing to give away two tarot readings or mediumship sessions.

10411888_754218884699355_347962576380106231_nShe says:

“Like Readings by Jasmine Willow Fae on Facebook and we will randomly choose 2 people for a complimentary tarot reading or mediumship session. Message the page telling us that you are entering the giveaway. Winners will be messaged via Facebook for their reading of their choosing.

Enter between May 20 and June 1.  Drawing will be held on June 3.”


Who doesn’t love beautiful music?  Hop on over the Celia’s Reverbnation page and listen to her songs.  There are even a couple on there you can download for free!

Celia Screenshot

Many of the ladies love Holy Clothing.  They seem to always have a giveaway running through their Facebook Page.  Today is no exception.



Like/Comment to Win a Loralee Tunic!Shop Loralee: from $38.69 with 10%-Off Coupon 4455Join our…

Posted by HolyClothing on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hurry! The winner will be announced tonight.

That’s all I’ve got today. I’ll be looking for more to post next week. Have a good time and good luck!

Wholesale selling? Is it beneficial to your business?

Many members of the Pagan Business Network are artisans that hand craft their items. This includes oil blends, jewelry, herb blends, incense, flower essences, wall art, and a variety of other wonderful items too numerous to list. Many of us struggle with how to get our products out in front of enough people to make a living. One option available is to offer our products wholesale in hopes that other shop owners will purchase them and put them on their shelves or website. But this brings on a whole other set of variables that we need to consider.

Price – There is not a lot of margin between what an item costs us to make and the price most of us charge. Selling wholesale means that we have to cut our price so a retailer can resell it and make money while still offering it at a reasonable price for the customer.

Let’s examine that for a moment. First, we need to look at the cost of everything that goes into making an item. We are not going to talk about time involved here because the idea of wholesale is to sell more volume rather than higher margin.

Example item: bottle of tincture

In this example, I am using fictitious numbers that add up easily without too much thinking. So don’t expect that this is the actual cost of this product.

Ingredients: herb, grain alcohol

Supplies: cheesecloth or filter of some type

Packaging: bottle, dropper, label (don’t forget cost of ink), tamper proof seal

So let’s say that you spend $10 on an organic herb and can use it to end up producing 20 bottles. That brings the cost of herb per bottle to 50 cents.

Maybe your grain alcohol cost $30 a bottle and you can fill 60 bottles of tincture with that. That adds another 50 cents to your cost.

We will put the bottles at .25, droppers at .10 and labels at .05 plus .05 on ink and tamper proof seal at .05. These numbers are just for ease of the math.

So you now have $1.50 in actual hard cost in each bottle. If you retail your tincture at $10 a bottle, you would need to be able to offer it wholesale at $5.00 a bottle to give the retailer a decent keystone markup. Some retailers will purchase items at as little as a 40% discount from retail, but that doesn’t leave them a lot of room for profit when you look at shelf space and other costs of owning a shop.

In this scenario, you can easily sell this item wholesale and make money on the volume. This is where minimum orders come in. When you sell the bottle retail at $10, you make a profit of $8.50 per bottle. That may seem nice, but if you are only selling one bottle per week – well, not so much. One wholesale customer with a minimum of $100 order and you profit (even at $5 a bottle) by $70 on that minimum order. Now take those numbers out a bit. The one bottle a week with a higher profit margin over the course of a year shows $442 profit. If you were to market and sell one wholesale order (20 bottles) a week with a profit of $3.50 per bottle you would show a year profit of $3,640.

Now, those are not realistic numbers. There are some weeks with multiple sales, some customers that purchase more than one bottle. The key here is that you can do both. But you need to make sure that you are sourcing your supplies and keeping track of your costs in such a way that you are making profit from both customers.

Now that you’ve worked out your pricing so that you can offer reasonable prices to your retail customers and wholesale prices to other retailers, what other factors do you need to take care of?

Make it easy on your retailers to order from you. Have the products you are willing to sell at wholesale prices set up in a file or spot on your website that gives clear images, descriptions and wholesale cost and suggested retail. When asked if you will sell wholesale avoid answers like, “It depends on the cost of the product you are interested in.” Another way to do it would be to have a clear answer of, “Wholesale prices are the retail discounted by 50%” or whatever percent you offer.

My shop carries a variety of lines that are not my own. Those items I paid wholesale prices for so I cannot sell those wholesale. However, my own line is offered wholesale. So I make sure that everything that I am willing to offer wholesale can be pulled up on one page easily on my website.

Another variable that needs your consideration are the sales tax laws in your state. Do you need to keep a copy of a sales tax resale certificate from your wholesale customers? You need to look into that before getting heavily into selling items wholesale.

I hope this helps someone out there making the decision about whether or not they want to offer items wholesale.

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