Shopping Sunday!

There are so many great merchants in the Pagan community.  The summer is generally a slow time for those that aren’t vending at festivals.

Many of you know that I run the Pagan Business Network and that I am devoted to serving the Pagan business community.  These particular businesses participated in the FREE sharing ladder on the Pagan Business Network Facebook page.  If you have a business and would like to be featured here, be sure and go the PBN Facebook page and find the most recent sharing ladder (pinned to the top of the page).  Follow the easy instructions to participate.  It will help you gain more exposure there as well as get you featured here and on my social media channels.

Take a moment and check out these great shops.  If you aren’t buying please share them on your social media channels to help them get a little exposure that might lead to some business.

The Sacred Oak

This merchant makes a wide variety of items.   I have purchased her candles, her dolls and some of her herbs.  My favorite work of hers are the items that she sews and embroiders.  Beautiful work!  Her customer service cannot be beat.

She is currently having a 25% Off sale throughout her shop.  The plan is to close the shop down on June 22.  I’m still hopeful that she will reconsider closing it completely and perhaps just put it on a hiatus with the intention of bringing it back.

Five Elements Journal - The Sacred OakCustom Cloak by The Sacred Oak Celtic Fox Talisman Bag by The Sacred Oak Celtic Hawk Talisman Bag by The Sacred Oak Tree Goddess Altar Tile by The Sacred OakCandles by The Sacred Oak


Sosanna’s Closet

I cannot remember the first item that caught my eye in this shop.  I’ve been following for her for so long and have admired so many of her items.  I do remember that I was thrilled to find another Hecate devotee.  It isn’t always easy to find items made specifically for the patron goddess I serve and I can always count on finding something in her shop.

If you are looking for some great Pagan imprinted shirts, this is where you need to go.  Her wire wrapping is so elegant you would be hard pressed to find something like it elsewhere.  I love her candles.  They have these great designs applied with tissue and then coated with wax.  Everything is packaged well and she gives customers her best.

Etched Glass by Sosanna's Closet Pagan Hoodie by Sosanna's ClosetThe Fates by Sosanna's ClosetOwl Candle by Sosanna's ClosetWoven Copper Pendant Necklace by Sosanna's ClosetLoki Onesie by Sosanna's Closet




Samhain’s Sirens Begins Today!!!!

I am a Siren!

SamhainSirensMemeSamhain’s Sirens are back and the fun has begun!  Follow them through the month as they provide blog posts, remembrances, recipes, music and lots of giveaways!

The giveaway today is a whole pile of stuff provided by Participating Businesses in the Pagan Business Network.

Click HERE to join the fun.

Community Energy continues

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into the water, the actions of individuals can have far reaching effects.”  Dalai Lama

Community Wreath after ritual in Alabama

Community Wreath after ritual in Alabama

Many of you may remember the Community Wreath Project I started a few years ago. It was started at Atlanta Pagan Marketplace in a ritual I put on to represent my group, North Georgia Solitaries.

We only had a few people in ritual that day. We took a grapevine wreath and each tied a ribbon representing us and our connection to the community to the wreath. Some of the ribbons were tied around the wreath. Some connected directly to other ribbons. Some wove theirs in and out directly touching many ribbons, some preferred to keep their ribbon tied to just one other.

Community Wreath at Pagan Unity Festival

Dorothy Morrison adds her ribbon to the wreath at Pagan Unity Festival

During the ritual I invited other groups to host the wreath in their circle and add their connections and help build community energy. My phone was ringing by the time I was heading home from the event. The ritual made its way through the local community and even crossed state lines to get to Alabama and Tennessee. The Wild Hunt picked up the story and published it. A group in France read about it and decided to add their energy to the community wreath project. They started a wreath and sent a ribbon to Georgia to be tied onto the original wreath.

French Community Wreath

Aureole Paienne – Community Wreath in France


Now, several years later Rev. Terrie Brookins has started a community wreath in Canada. It made its debut at Durham Pagan Pride in their ritual. I was so excited when she told me she was going to pick up that idea and let it grow in Canada. You can read her story on her blog Create Train Love Pray.

Canada Community Wreath at Durham Pagan Pride

Canada Community Wreath at Durham Pagan Pride

Consider hosting one of these wreaths and adding the energy of your local community to the project.

If you would like to host the wreath started in Georgia, please contact me at

If you would like to host the wreath started in Canada, please contact Rev. Terrie Brookins at

Contests and Giveaways!

Here are some contests and giveaways from around the community to enter.  Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Mystic EchoesMystic Echoes – This is a drawing on the Mystic Echoes Facebook page.  If you hurry you can still enter to get in on it.  Make sure you are on the original post to enter.

Contest runs through August 15th.

The grand prize is your selection of an incense, an oil, a tincture, a powder, and herb, and a bath salt.

Second place is your choice of $30 in products

Third place is an incense and a tincture of your choice

To enter:  Like and comment on the post
Tag a friend

The winner will be chosen by drawing a name from a hat.

You can only enter once.

Please note Facebook is not responsible for this contest.




CeliaCelia – Who doesn’t love free music?  You can go to this link and get three free songs.












Help this business decide what photo to use on their business card and they will send you a free gift for your opinion.  Like and comment on the photos in the Album called Business Card Mock Ups.  Here is their post:

I would love your input on my business cards! I have set up an album of photo choices at Facebook and I want to choose at least four to represent the variety of items I offer such as black #scrying #mirrors, #smudging #feathers, #incense burners, #vintage #bohodecor etc.. I’m on Facebook under my business name #Cinnabarys. Like and comment and come here and say done. Each helper will receive a small sincere thank you gift via snail mail! #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #etsysellers #businesscard

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