Community Wreath Project

The Community Wreath Project was born at the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas of 2012.  I had promised to do a ritual for the event and was searching for a way to bring the concept of community into the ritual.  APMI has always been about bringing people together so I felt that the ritual needed to reflect that same energy.  I looked around to see what kind of supplies I had that could be used and found a large grapevine wreath and then remembered the donation we had recently gotten of ribbon in a donation of craft supplies.


The first Community Wreath after the last group added their ribbons to it. This wreath retired a week later at the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas and a new wreath was born.

The original plan was for the wreath ritual to be a one time ritual.  We would decorate the wreath with ribbons that tie together in a kind of web symbolizing each person’s connections in the community.  As I stood in circle that day and looked around, I saw the faces of people from several different groups and traditions as well as some people I had never seen before.  Before I knew it some words were coming out of my mouth that I had not planned.  I told everyone that we would pass the wreath around the community during the year and bring it back to next years APMI to see what kind of web we had built.  I was more surprised than anyone by this idea.

The rest of the day passed in the flurry that is always associated with my activities at festivals.  I focused on the activity involved with networking and seeing everyone.  We packed up, went home and collapsed.  The next day was spent unloading and putting things away from the festival.  First thing Monday I got a phone call.  A leader of a local coven had heard about the wreath from someone that had been in circle and wanted to take the wreath into his circle and add ribbon to it.  Wow!  I made arrangements to get the wreath to his group in time for his Beltane.

We took the wreath to Beltane Bash, had a huge circle of almost 70 people adding ribbon to it.  From there it began its year long journey.  The wreath traveled to several groups and events including Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas 2012 (where it began), Beltane Bash, Lunafyre Sanctuary, Gryphonsong Clan, House of Oak Spring, Blue Lotus Grove, Auburn Pagan Pride Day, Atlanta Pagan Pride Day, Temple of the Rising Phoenix, North Georgia Solitaries, and Grass Roots Church.  We brought it back to Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas 2013 so we could show what kind of community energy had been built during the year and birthed a new wreath.


Tying ribbons onto the new Community Wreath at APMI 2013


Cutting the ties between the 2012 wreath and 2013 wreath.


During its journey, the original wreath was featured in an article on The Wild Hunt and the idea was picked up by a group of Pagans in France.  They sent us a ribbon to tie onto our wreath to symbolize the connection that spans the world.




The new community wreath has already been to Pagan Unity Festival (carried by Caterina O’Sullivan – NGS and Silver Pine Grove member) in Tennessee and is back and ready to continue on its journey.  We plan on taking both wreathes back to Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas 2014 to show how the energy has built and perhaps birth a new wreath.

If you would like the Community Wreath to be a part of your circle or gathering send an email to

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