Spiritual Witch

My path is based on the spiritual side of the craft. Everything I do is anchored in my devotion to my gods.   For me, this is the balance of feminine and masculine. I worship a goddess and god. I include offerings for my magick and devotionals each day. I never … Continue reading

Ever so grateful today

Yesterday my husband had a colonoscopy.  I have never been so relieved and grateful as I was when the doctor came into the recovery room smiling and said, “Good news!”.  The procedure is fairly routine these days but the findings are not.  They can be life changing.  I’m grateful that … Continue reading

Gratitude Challenge Again

Yesterday, I issued a challenge to everyone I know.  I would like to clarify this for those that didn’t understand it.  Share this post to get more people involved.  And post something you are grateful for.  Continue making posts each day about something you are grateful for. We all know … Continue reading

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