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While working with the Pagan Assistance Fund we found that there always more people asking for help than we had money to give.  Many times we resorted to a “hail out” to try and match their needs with someone that could help fulfill that need.  I do not believe the PAF is currently doing that so I’m creating a page here we where can post the needs and perhaps find someone to help fill some of those.

I will say that cash is one of most asked for needs and one of the hardest to find to fill.

As we go, I can make no warranty regarding the people asking for help.  Some I will know, so I won’t.  The best thing to do is allow them to tell their story and let you decide if you have some way of helping.

The most recent requests will be at the top.

1st Story – “Hello everyone. My name is Carrie Linton. I have been a pagan for going on 10 years. I didn’t really know it until about 6 years ago when I finally realized who I really was spiritually. Since then I have found such love and acceptance in the pagan community. For that I am truly blessed. I am a child of the Goddess for life now.
Recently my husband and I separated. It was a good thing for both of us as it just didn’t work anymore. It was also a bad thing as at the time of separation I had no job. I still have no income but I have been actively looking. In my area (Walton County) there are very few jobs to be had. This has put me in a very bad situation. I had some cash in reserve but I’ve had to use it for bills and such. That is now gone and my landlord is demanding his rent which I have yet to pay for May and here it is now June.
My daughter has been through so much already with the split that I really don’t want to uproot her from her home. That would crush her even more than she already is.
I received a note from my landlord today that said that if I didn’t have Mays rent in his hand by 10am Monday, June 3rd that he would be forced to start an eviction. Seeing as I am jobless there is no way I can have the rent to him by then.
I am posting this as a plea to the pagan community for help. I am in need of a grand total of $800 but my immediate need is only $475 for the rent. The $800 will more than get me by until I can get employment. Here’s what that money is for: Rent $474, Electric bill $200, $90 cable bill (so I can fill out apps online as it is for internet as well), and $40 for gas for job search. Any small amount will help as it will all go to the bills stated above.
I will be glad to give names of Landlord and utility companies if you want to give it directly to them. I am not doing this to defraud anyone. Threefold rule, remember? I do not want a karmic rebound. I am only looking for a way to provide for my daughter. She is whats most important to me. I have never found myself in this situation before and I am at a loss here. I am desperate to keep my home. Can you see it in your heart to help, even just a little? Any little bit will help at this point.
Thank you for reading this and thank you to those who choose to help. If you cannot financially help, some good energy send my way would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again, Lady Leandra (Carrie Linton).

Let’s see if we can share this lady’s story around and give her a hand.
My paypal address is “”.

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