Update in the life of this witch

I have not been consistent with my blogging.  I find that I am doing so much all of the time that I neglect to take time to write about it.  I enjoy the writing process.  I just need to make myself stop and do it.

So, for those that are interested here is a short update on my businesses.

Last summer I stepped down as head of the Pagan Business Network to Rhiannon Hood.  I am still working with Pagan businesses and with PBN on a daily basis.

I stepped up my own business, Charissa’s Cauldron, this year.  I started out the year by adding an affiliate, drop ship and wholesale pricing programs to my business.  I upped my game in marketing and have had some pretty good results.  I decided to expand my shop to include products from several drop ship companies.  That increase my online catalog to more than 10,000 products.  We have not gotten all of the product up yet.  We are adding new product every day.

In addition to that, we have gone back to selling products on multiple platforms.  It worked well for us in the past and seems to be starting off well now.

So there’s the update on the business projects I carried over from last year.  Next post I will talk about a new project I am excited about.

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