Fun new outlet for Pagan businesses

I mentioned in the last post that I have a new project I am excited about.  I have partnered up with Sadie Odinsdottir, a good friend and fellow business owner to put together a Pagan marketplace.  It is called Pagan Markets.  The idea is to provide sellers in the Pagan community a platform to sell their wares without fear of being shut down.

We just started building the site this month.  We are now open for business and have a nice number of sellers already setting up shop.  Here’s some products from some of the sellers:



From Freyja’s Fire we have a beautiful Oco Geode Necklace.








From Raven’s Shadow Crafts, here is a customizable Poppet with a Pocket.  (note:  this item is actually listed in another market)


Wild Witchery has joined us and is showcasing their magickal perfume – The Wilds.





To shop these sellers and more, check out Pagan Markets!

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