Spring is in the air by Wicked Wicc’N Candles

I can definitely tell spring is in the air. I mean anytime the weather goes above 45-50 degrees, I want to be outside in my bare feet playing in the dirt and working in my garden and flowerbeds. Today was no exception… but it was raining… and …read more

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5 thoughts on “Spring is in the air by Wicked Wicc’N Candles

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  2. That’s a clever answer to a tricky qutseion

  3. Why not use Castle Windsor? That way you could also use setter injection and/or a facility to inject stuff..Disclaimer: I haven’t had the chance to look into structuremap so I can’t compare them

  4. , my hubs is a movie nut and has seen it all. This didn’t do it for him. Besides, he doesn’t like Meryl. Can you believe it?!Marcia Richards recently posted..

  5. I am using the best most modern HIT a publicly traded vendor has to offer. It sucks. The EHR has become the patient. There is not enough time for the real patient. I find it pathetic that otherwise competent doctors make such dumb mistakes with this device. That is why SS refers to these devices as errorgenic.

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