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The Crooked Broom Logo cHow would you describe your business?

TCB offers ritual, spell and every day items for the modern Pagan. We also do custom orders for jewelry, including chain maille, for the individual. No two creations are alike. We carry candles, herbs, oils, altar clothes, tote bags, some books, books of shadows, tapestries and more!

What inspired you to start your own business?

The Crooked Broom TarotThere was a lack of available resources in my area several years ago. When my daughter graduated and moved into her own place, I found that I had a lot of idle time on my hands. I decided to open TCB to follow my dream and to keep busy.

Where do you sell your products? Online? Festivals? Stores?The Crooked Broom Earrings
TCB is online for the time being. We are building our stock so that we can hit the southeastern festivals beginning in Spring 2015. We offer shipping to the US and some oversees (depending on the items ordered) as well as local pickups for some items. We are currently working on a website but until then, you can find us on Facebook at

Do you offer wholesale or other programs?

Not yet but we hope to as we grow.

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