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Lotions Potions Notions booth set upHow would you describe your business?

Eclectic….Creative….. All products made without preservatives, pesticides or insecticides, in a pet and smoke free environment.  I create products designed to work with the body on physical, mental and spiritual levels.  Products are made during the two weeks before the full moon, then cleansed and blessed during a full moon ritual.  The only animal products I use are beeswax, rawhide for the rattles and various leathers for the beaded amulet bags and leather drawstring bags.

Lotions Potions Notions Wild Harvested Herbs and Smudge Sticks

What inspired you to start your own business?

While visiting my sister and one of her friends I was asked if I would like to help them make a healing salve.  After spending the day in the herb store, making a salve and then later watching it cool…I knew I was hooked.  I came back to my home, purchased the necessary herbs, made a batch of healing salve and handed it out for holiday gifts.  People loved it!  Shortly after a friend called me on the phone and asked me where she could purchase Calendula Salve.  My response was…”go to an herbal store”.  She replied that she had already done that and could not find it.  She then thought of me and decided to call for my help.  I told her that I had been playing around with infused oils…if she could give me an hour I could calculate how much beeswax and cocoa butter I would need to make a salve.  I made a label… Calendula Salve… and she was at my house in one hour. She handed me $5.00.  Lotions Potions Notions RattlesLotions Potions Notions Beaded Amulet Bag


I brain stormed with a friend for a name for my products (all two) and the first one was Lotions Potions & Soaps (because I was also playing around with soap).  We ended up with Lotions Potions & Notions so that anything I did could be part of the business….beading, crocheting, knitting, wood carving, stained glass….

The more requests I received the more time I spent on research and it became a non stop process. I found out that many of the herbs I used in my healing salve grew around my house, woods and fields so I started wild harvesting from spring to fall. I made a list of herbs that I used in my products, researched them to see if they would grow in our zone and then started the treasure hunt. We now have an herbal garden with over 100 herbs that I use in my infused oils, soaps and loose incense. If I have a large amount of herb I sell it.

There are over 600 items on my website …all formulas and other created items with the exception of the Healing Salve and certified organic herbs have been developed by me. I have been in business for 17 years now and cannot believe how fast the years have zipped by me. They say that time flies when having a good time…I must be having a GREAT time!!

Lotions Potions Notions Home Cleansing & Blessing PackagesWhat inspires you?  

Customer requests and my Deities. I am often times hit with a 2 x 4 with an idea attached…”you work with energy….get the chakras going oils, incense, soap….where are your magical…smudge sticks, incense, what about the dragons….what about the fairies..NO Faeries??? You have everything you need…when will you put this together?” And no ….ear plugs do not work. The latest are the God and Goddess Oils. Oshun was first followed by Pan.

Lotions Potions Notions Mullein Infused OilWhere do you sell your products?

I have been a merchant at many outdoor events and have retired from that circuit. I live in a very rural area so attendance is not large and the weather does not often cooperate. Soaps, oils and loose incense do not do well in heat and rain. Long distance traveling is also another factor. I was a merchant for one very large indoor event for several years. I have been dragged into one smaller indoor event and am actually looking forward to seeing many of my customers there. I have had my products in several metaphysical stores for consignment. All the stores closed down and only two returned the unsold merchandise and a check for product sold. My goal is to expand my customer base to include non pagan customers. At the moment I am selling online at my website www.lotionspotionsnotions.com and through facebook Lotions Potions Notions. I have recently signed up with twitter ljrose51. Tumblr was a suggestion and so that has been added to my things to add/do.

Lotions Potions Notions Bath KitDo you offer wholesale or other programs?

Yes I do offer wholesale….no consignment. I also offer discounts for repeat customers.

You can connect with Lotions Potions Notions at

Website:  LotionsPotionsNotions.com


Facebook: Facebook.com/LotionsPotionsNotions

Lotions Potions Notions St. Johns Wort Infused OilTwitter:  twitter.com/ljrose51






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