Featured Business – Turquoise Witch Metaphysical

This business is featured on Stacy and Susan’s Online Pagan Vendor Fair.  The write up is courtesy of Stacy and Susan.

Turquoise Witch Metaphysical sells metaphysical products of all kinds! Valerie Wild Owl is the owner, who also does massage, Reiki, and psychic readings using angel, fairy, and/or tarot cards.

Here are words of wisdom from her website http://turquoisewitch.com/

Valerie has always been interested in the Metaphysical since before she had ever heard the word metaphysical. She empathizes with the feelings of those around her. She noticed a little bit of precognition as a teenager, and learned how to read tarot cards in 1989; she’s been reading them for people ever since. She has loyal clients who enjoy her insightful readings. Valerie understands that readings can help people, in much the same way that bodywork or medical attention can offer relief to those in need.

Valerie is someone who believes that every person is on her or his own spiritual path.
She’s open-minded and believes that no one way is right for everyone. For this reason, she’s also an ordained chaplain of the Universal Life Church. She’s a wife, a mother of two teenagers (and a dog and cat), and someone who loves to laugh. She likes to send healing and protective energy to all who may be involved, when she sees a Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Service vehicle go by. She hopes to make a good difference in the life of anyone she meets.

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