Creating Abundance in Your Life

“For it is in the giving that we receive.” Francis of Assisi


Giving is a form of spiritual energy.

What does that mean? Spiritual energy does not flow from us. It flows through us. This energy flows through us every day in many ways. Our minds, bodies, abilities, talents, actions and intentions shape the energy flowing through us.

When we give, we keep the energy flowing.   It flows both towards the recipient of our gift and back towards us creating a flow of abundance in our lives. On the flip side of that, when we become stingy and keep everything for ourselves we clog that energy. That makes it harder to create abundance in our lives.

So what is abundance? Abundance comes in many forms. It can be family, loved ones, having the ability to do something that fulfills us and can be having enough to take care of you and your family. I’ve found that when I keep the giving energy flowing I am happy. My blessings overflow when I am giving. When I stop that giving energy and focus on just myself I am less energetic both physically and spiritually.

So consider giving something of yourself regularly. It doesn’t have to be money or something bought with money. It can be helping someone with something without expecting anything in return. Hold the door open for someone with their hands full. Help someone load something in their car. Volunteer your time for a charity. It can even be as easy as helping small businesses get exposure by sharing their pages or posts on social media.

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