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My path is based on the spiritual side of the craft. Everything I do is anchored in my devotion to my gods.   For me, this is the balance of feminine and masculine. I worship a goddess and god. I include offerings for my magick and devotionals each day. I never do a ritual without something worked in to honor these higher beings.

This post is about daily devotionals. When I first started doing daily devotionals, I was at a bit of a loss on what I wanted to do and why I was doing them. I did believe and worship. I was just not sure what was being asked of me. Was it a prayer? Was it an offering? Was it a promise? The answer is yes. It is all of these and more.

I take a few minutes each day to breathe deeply and say thank you. Sometimes I make an offering. Sometimes I light a candle. Sometimes I say a few words. Sometimes I promise to try and be a better person in their names. The only thing I don’t do during these devotionals is ask for something. It is more about what I’ve already been given and how grateful I am for all of this. It is about honoring those that choose to bestow these blessings on me and about me striving to be worthy. There are so many people in the world that have it so rough. The problems I have seem minor in comparison. I am blessed and acknowledge that.

These devotionals, these moments that are devoted to something larger than myself raise my vibrational energy up to higher frequency for a short time. They allow me to go on about my day in a better frame of mind and with a more positive attitude for the day. And let’s face it, if we face the day with a positive attitude we will have a great day.

One thing I like to do is repeat a few lines that I have memorized to start my devotional. Those words kind of anchor me to the feelings I have while doing this and can be repeated later in the day to bring me back to that place.

It doesn’t matter what your faith is. If you have faith in something larger than yourself a devotional each day is a great way to start the day.

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