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Sleipnir Pagan-Alternative Spirituality Shop

What inspired you to start your own business?

This is actually the second incarnation of my business. In 1993 my mother and I opened the first version, Handled With Care, together. The store then was a mix of collectibles, vintage clothing, and gaming. Within 6 months of us having the store my mother had a series of strokes and ended up unable to come into the shop. She’d always been the one into astrology, stones, tarot, etc. so I started adding a New Age section and used it as an incentive for her to work toward coming back.

Unfortunately life had other plans and my mother suffered a brain-stem CVA that never allowed her return to be possible and essentially stole away the person she was. She died in 2000 and 6 months later I had my first heart attack. I returned to my shop, and it gradually evolved, the collectibles faded away, as did the vintage clothing, Gaming and New Age became our main focus as we sold both through a storefront and through E-Bay. Then I had my second heart attack, almost a year to the day of my first. With the help of friends I stayed open, but my health began to decline. I was diagnosed with the first of two auto-immune disorders, and fibromyalgia, and other illnesses began to piggyback on them. The fight for disability began, and much to my dismay, they demanded I sell my business. I’d kept it for 11 years.

Now, 10 years later, rules have changed, to get my supplemental medical I must work, and Social Security says I’m allowed once more to have my business. I chose the name Sleipnir because to me, it signifies strength, and the ability to overcome anything, and in a way I have to get back to here, a store even smaller then what I had when my mother and I started all those years ago.

Where do you sell your products?Sleipnir Ring Tray

My shop is located in a newly created Mall. The building itself is a former Elementary School, and my rooms are the former Office and adjoining Principal’s Office. I also have my page on Facebook, and will ship items anywhere.



Sleipnir Soy Candles


Do you offer wholesale or other programs?

At this time I do not have any self-made items in the shop, however that will change once I get my early 1900’s floor loom set-up and begin weaving on it. I read Tarot at the shop, and would also be willing to read via phone or online.

I offer the chance to sell on consignment in my store. I carry Pagan and Alternative Spirituality products. Artisans are paid through Paypal as the items sell.  Artisans interested can contact me to discuss details.


Located at 705 Maple Street, Burlington, Iowa  52601   (319) 754-5540
Sleipnir SpidersSleipnir DragonSleipnir Pink DragonSleipnir Coventry CandlesSleipnir Coventry CandlesaSleipnir Brooms

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