I Am Enough

Sometimes (heck, most times) it feels like I am not enough.  You know the feeling.  We are all slammed with advertisements all over the place that prey on these feelings.  Not skinny enough?  No problem.  There are a thousand weight loss plans out there.  Not fit enough?  Someone has the perfect work out video or program for you.  Not full enough?  There’s a commercial for restaurant food somewhere in every commercial break.  Not relaxed enough?  Not happy enough?  Not tall enough?  Not fashionable enough?  Not green enough?  Not healthy enough?  Every time you turn on the tv, radio or internet there are plenty of ads telling us that we aren’t enough so they can sell us just what we need to be better.

Then there are the well meaning family and friends.  “Everything would be so much better for you if you would just………(fill in the well meaning blank here). ”

So no more.  I am enough.  I am woman enough.  I am friendly enough.  I am all-of-those-things enough.  You are, too!  You are enough.  You are special and unique and the person you were meant to be.  Stop beating yourself up for not fitting into some mold of what someone else thinks is perfect.  You are perfect.  You are the perfect you.  You are the only you that this world is ever going to have.  That makes you a rare and precious gift.

So how do we embrace this healthy love of self.  One way that I love to use is affirmations.  Repeating a statement over and over throughout to day to imprint it into your consciousness.

I love music.  So affirmations put to music really resonate with me.  Here is one that is written by a beautiful talented friend of mine, Celia called “We Are Enough“.  Check out the rest of the album while you are at it.  It is chock full of music that would end wars if we could put it into the world leaders consciousness.

Celia's Album - "For the Asking"

Celia’s Album – “For the Asking”

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