Gratitude Challenge

A few days ago my sister tagged me in a 7 day gratitude challenge.  The idea is to post some things each day that you are grateful for 7 days in a row and challenge some other people to do the same.

While I am not sure who the person was that started this, it gave me an idea.  I see posts all the time on social media that air grievances.  We talk about those things that irritate us or anger us during our day.  In some ways it is therapeutic getting it out of our system but in other ways it strengthens that irritating or angry energy.  It spreads it.

We are intelligent beings that have been given the gift of free will.  That will allows us to choose how we feel.  We choose what we focus on.  We choose what energy we project out into the world.

So let’s all start focusing on gratitude.  Whether or not you believe in a higher power you can still be grateful for the life you have.  My challenge is to everyone that reads this to post once a day about something you are grateful for.  It can be the same thing as the day before.  Focus on that gratitude for a few minutes each day.  Share this challenge with your social media world.  Let’s see if we can build on that energy of gratitude.

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