Gratitude Challenge Again

Yesterday, I issued a challenge to everyone I know.  I would like to clarify this for those that didn’t understand it.  Share this post to get more people involved.  And post something you are grateful for.  Continue making posts each day about something you are grateful for.

We all know that the power to change our world is inside of us.  Gratitude can change your world.  When you are grateful for who you are and what you have you wrap yourself in positive energy that attracts positive energy.  You open yourself up to receiving the abundance the universe has to offer you.  You are happier, less stressed and that leads to better health.

Now, if gratitude can do that for you think of what it can do if we, collectively, make a point of creating that positive energy of gratitude daily.

Sharing our posts with each other will help to remind us to be grateful.

Here’s my challenge.  Share this out there in the world.  Share the feeling of happiness that comes with gratitude with your circle of friends.  Then make an effort to change your life with gratitude.  Let’s change the world one post, one share at a time.

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