A Witch’s View of the World

I have been reflecting on the title I put on this blog when I started it several years back and what it means in terms of my life. My view of the world has been through significant changes on many levels over the last few years.

My view of the world was for most of my life seen through the eyes of middle class suburbia. We lived in a nice neighborhood in a decent house on a couple of acres with all the shopping we could want within 5-15 minutes of our house. A few years ago we moved into a not-so-nice neighborhood and a much smaller house that forced us to put most of our belongings in storage. For the first time in 30 years I did not feel safe being home alone or leaving my house to walk around the neighborhood. The good part of that home was that it was a cheap rental that allowed us to prepare for our next move.

We moved to a small town that can only be considered “in the country”. Our new home sits on over 10 acres and has a second house, two barns and a storage building on it. Needless to say, we moved all of our belongings out of storage. We set up the second house to house the stock for our internet business and act as a Covenstead for my coven.

Yard work used to entail maybe an hour with a push mower and a weed eater.   If we were really ambitious we could spend a Saturday afternoon pulling weeds and trimming things. Today just cutting the main areas (not including the trimming or weed eating) takes several days spent on a tractor with a bush hog, a lawn tractor and zero turn mower.

For the first time I have to really give thought to how open I want to be about my religious choices. This small town is not ready to accept having a witch living here. When you meet people here for the question most asked after the “Nice to meet ya’s” are over is “What church do you go to?” If my mother and other relatives did not live here I might be more apt to be as open as I was when I was living in the Atlanta suburbs. As it stands my actions will have a direct effect on people I care about.

I was very active in the local Pagan community. I put on events and participated in the events I attended. I usually had a table or booth, rallied assistance for the organizers and made a point of meeting everyone I could. I joined organizations and became as active as I could in them. I have never been one to join organizations just to be able to say I am a member. I am either an active participating member or I am not a member at all.   Now I limit my activity to circling with my closest spiritual family on occasion and some online activity. I sometimes miss being so active in the community. Perhaps circumstances will allow me to return to some of that in the future.

Recent events have brought home how precious time and loved ones are. How important it is to tell people you love them. How important it is to let people know about the impact they have had on your life. You would be surprised how many people do not know how much their presence has meant to you. I am sure there are some people out there that are wondering if I have lost my mind. I have taken to sending random messages to people letting them know how important they are to me and what impact they have had on my life. I am not limiting those communications to people currently in my life. I have included on my list people that have been important in the past but for whatever reason we have lost touch or had a falling out.

Some people might say that if I’ve had a falling out with someone I should not open that door again.   My feeling is that if I was close to someone then their presence had value at one time in my life. We walked part of the path of life together even if we had to go in different directions at some point. While I may not feel that we should walk together again I do want them to know (for whatever it is worth) that they had an impact on my life. They have made a difference. After all, isn’t that what we all want when it comes down to it? To make a difference in some way to someone?

If you take anything away from anything I have ever done or said or written, take that away. Go tell someone in your life – past or present – that they have made a difference.

2 thoughts on “A Witch’s View of the World

  1. I love and appreciate you, my friend. I’m very blessed to have you in my life. <3 Brightest blessings as you continue on your journey, may it hold all the love and understanding you have shared with so many others….

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