Still Working Step One

So, here we are just a couple of days into our resolve to get things together.   I know as I look back that it took quite a while to get here and as much as I want to we won’t get everything fixed overnight.  I think maybe that is why I started with a project on the list that will show me quick results.  I need that instant gratification to spur me on to keep going.  Otherwise, I might get frustrated and quit making as much progress.

Yesterday I got some work done that one of my NGS staff members needed from me (she still needs more – I’m not good at getting my homework all done).   I also got a website up for Silver Pines.  I’ve been putting that off because I’m not good at the technical stuff.

We worked on some regular chores like laundry and groceries.  I did manage to unpack and deal with the contents of sixteen boxes and make decisions I had been putting off about where to hang two particularly large pictures and one mirror that have been taking up space in the front hallway.  David just needs to gather the proper picture hangars for those so we can get them on the wall now.

Today we are headed to the Atlanta area to do a house cleansing so we’ll pick back up tomorrow on making progress.  My hope is to get all the boxes that have landed in our front entrance way unpacked and dealt with, clean out the coat closet and give that room a good cleaning and mopping before the end of the weekend.  Then we move on to the next room.

One thing I am finding as I’m unpacking is that more items than I had expected are finding their way into the sell box, donation box or in a pile to give away to friends that can use them.

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