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The past two weeks have been a combination of extremely productive days and totally worthless days.  I had a couple of days of feeling under the weather.  I’m not productive when I don’t feel good.  I barely resemble something human and definitely am not fun to live with.  (Everyone can give a collective sound of sympathy my husband here.)

The decluttering of our house is progressing slowly but surely.  Items are getting unpacked and either put away or put in boxes to donate to either the NGS raffles or charity.  The more boxes I fill for donation, the more I want to fill.  That seems to be coming along slowly but surely.

For those of you that don’t know, we moved last year from the suburbs to a large (by our standards) piece of property in the country.  Suddenly, instead of a small yard that can be taken care of with a push mower we are using large tractors with bush hogs and lawn tractors.  We’ve gotten a little behind and the weeds are taking over.

This week marked the beginning of the end of the weeds winning.  David worked Tuesday down by the drive taking down a couple of small trees and working on some of the weeds.  It is a large area so there is still more to do.  There is a dead tree and a couple of shrubs to remove and a line of trees to trim and a ton of weeds to cut down.  We’ll get to it.  Wednesday we got out there together and worked.  As Wednesday was Covenstead Day, we spent our time working on the front lawn area of the Covenstead.  I cut the grass while he trimmed trees and hauled away debris.  We worked most of the day out there.  The lawn and parking area look great.  The weed eater gave up the ghost.  I think it took one look at the massive amount of property and said, “No way”.   We’ll come back to the stuff it needed to do in a couple of days when we have something that will actually start.

Now, we move on to my calendar quest.  I will admit that this is harder.  Which projects or organizations do I say I can’t devote time to?  Which ones do I hand off to someone else that might not love them as much as I did?  How do I say no when someone has some really tasty project they want me to get involved in?  How do I say no to service?  These are the tough questions.

I decided to start by going through my calendar and making a list of the organizations I’m either running or involved in.  Next I broke down the activities or projects I’m working on for each organization.  My thought here is that some relief could be found by streamlining which projects I’m working on rather than dropping organizations completely.

I’ll keep plugging along and let you know later on the progress.  In the meantime, I would love to hear about other people’s experiences with streamlining, organizing, purging, and anything else you do to insure that you have time to do things you want to do.  You might give me some ideas that will help or you might help someone else.

We’ll take a short break here on the blog and move on to some other topics while I work on my journey so as not to bore you anymore than I already have with the details.

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