Children’s Clothes

One thing I always hear from parents is how quickly their children grow out of clothes and need new ones.  That really hits the budget hard.  So many families are struggling just to pay the bills.  Never mind shopping for new clothes every spring and summer.

My sister used to trade clothes with other parents in her church group and take clothes to consignment sales.

So, how about our community trade clothes?  I made post for one of our community on Facebook a week or so ago about the sizes she is looking for.  We got a comment or two and a few likes.

So here’s a question to all you parents out there.  If there were a swap page for children’s clothes, would that be helpful?  You could post the sizes you are looking for as well as list the things you have to swap.  Shipping clothing is pretty cheap through the mail.  Much cheaper than buying clothes, so geography shouldn’t limit our ability to trade around.  I don’t have children growing out of clothes but I run across people giving away children’s clothes frequently.  I could certainly grab those and share them with parents.

Comment here so I can see what kind of interest there is.

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