And the journey continues…..

I have been working on cleaning out the clutter in my physical space.  In other words, getting rid of the clutter in my house.  As embarrassing as it is, we are still going through boxes from the move.  It seems like I keep finding items in boxes here that have to put in a box and taken up to the covenstead and vice versa.  We did finally get empty out the storage unit we had parked in front of the house from the move.  Of course, emptying that just gave us more boxes in the two houses to go through and unpack.

So here we are with the boxes finally starting the dwindle down a bit at the covenstead.  The bulk of what is left up there is packing material we use for our business and files we have to keep after selling our insurance business.  Both of which are taking up more than their share of space.

I’m still not sure of the best way to consolidate the packing material so that it doesn’t take up so much space but I think we’ve come up with the way to handle the insurance files.  We called the insurance commissioners office to verify how long we have to keep the files.  There is still a considerable amount of time left on that.  Our next question was my husband’s inspiration.  Can we keep digital copies of the files instead of hard copies.  None of the documents are original anyway as they had to be left with the new owners of the book of business.  The answer was yes.  After we stopped dancing around the house celebrating the possibility of converting 90 plus boxes of files into drive that can sit in your hand we realized that we are adding hours of scanning documents to our workload.  Ah well.  It gets me that room I want for healing and herbs.  So, on we go.

As we are working through the physical space, I am also taking a hard look at my calendar.  I need to make some choices and whittle that down to a manageable size.  That is the hardest part for me because there are so many worthy projects that I want to be involved in.  So many that I enjoy.  But there is only one of me and unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to fit more than 24 hours into my day.  I think the eye opener for me was one evening I was working on the layout for a desktop publishing project (one of the things I do that actually helps feed the utility companies their pound of flesh).  I had been sitting in the living room with my husband.  I worked on the laptop while we watched television before bed.  He got up and said he was having a hard time staying awake so he was going to bed.  I mumbled something about being along in a couple of minutes.  A little while later I stopped and checked into Facebook for messages and then went back to that “few minutes” I promised my husband.  While I had been on Facebook I commented on a post from one of my coven members.  The tab I had open indicated that a private message came through from him.  I clicked on the message and he asked me what I was doing up at 2:00AM.  2:00AM?!?!?!  Surely it wasn’t that late.  It was only about 10 minutes before that my husband went to be and he is always in bed before 11:00PM.

That was the moment I decided that I had to do something.  I was working in the middle of the night because I had not been able to get everything done during the day all week.  Not even during day, during the waking hours between 7:00AM and 10:00PM (which is our normal schedule).  So, as this journey continues, I will be taking a hard look at what projects I am working on and making some cuts in my schedule.  That is the hardest part.  I wouldn’t have a project on my schedule if I didn’t enjoy doing it.



2 thoughts on “And the journey continues…..

  1. I know how hard it is trying to organize after a move! I am right there with you! And purging is not something I do well, but I’m getting better at it!

    I remember the days of having so much to do I hardly slept. Then I thought of my family in Italy, how they enjoy their days and take time to sit and eat a well prepared meal, watch the tides as the come and go, a sunset walk, have coffee with friends. I remember stopping several times while shopping in Europe to have a coffee, then a cocktail, and then an ice cream. Sitting by the shore and watching the people walk by. It was such a wonderful lifestyle. Stopping to smell the roses is about enjoying life. If what you do is no longer pleasurable, then it’s time to move on. JMHO 🙂

  2. I think that is my problem. There are so many things I enjoy! 🙂

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