Baking Soda! The green, affordable miracle for the home!

One of the constant facts of life we have to deal with living in the south in the summer is bugs.  We have mosquitoes that look like small birds, gnats that get in your nose and mouth when you try to do extracurricular activities such as breathing, anthills the size … Continue reading

More on the journey

The past two weeks have been a combination of extremely productive days and totally worthless days.  I had a couple of days of feeling under the weather.  I’m not productive when I don’t feel good.  I barely resemble something human and definitely am not fun to live with.  (Everyone can … Continue reading

And the journey continues…..

I have been working on cleaning out the clutter in my physical space.  In other words, getting rid of the clutter in my house.  As embarrassing as it is, we are still going through boxes from the move.  It seems like I keep finding items in boxes here that have … Continue reading

Children’s Clothes

One thing I always hear from parents is how quickly their children grow out of clothes and need new ones.  That really hits the budget hard.  So many families are struggling just to pay the bills.  Never mind shopping for new clothes every spring and summer. My sister used to … Continue reading

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