Step One Along the Journey

So I started with a list of what was eating up my time and energy.  That turned into an outline of steps and choices I needed to make.  I decided to start with the physical stuff and let my mind mull over the more mentally and emotionally taxing choices I need to make while I worked.

Our house is still in quite a bit of moving chaos.  I just never seem to be able to get enough time when I’m not planning an event or some community service project to make a dent in the unpacked boxes.  To add to that, the last couple of weeks have had two major events that took all week for preparation and ate up both of the weekends in execution.  So there were regular household chores piling up like laundry and general cleaning.  That type of clutter literally sucks the energy out of me.

I started in the bedroom area.  I cleaned and organized the closet, cleaned up the dust and clutter (with the reluctant assistance of a husband who rightfully wants to rest after the last two weeks), worked on catching up on laundry, hauled around a dozen boxes of stuff out of the house that belongs at the covenstead and brought in a van load of boxes that had been up at the covenstead waiting to come down to our house.  We are moving into the utility room now, cleaning up the clutter that accumulates in a stack of “round-to-its” and giving it a good cleaning.  I can already feel a little more energy circulating as we move the clutter out of the way and neaten up the first couple of rooms.  That energy moving around is already helping me start to narrow down some of the other cleaning and purging decisions I need to be making regarding my schedule.

Wish me luck.

5 thoughts on “Step One Along the Journey

  1. This sounds like something I need right now. I feel all of the clutter and unfinished business weighing down on me like a mountain. I need to start picking away so i can see the light again. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • I appreciate the comment. How about you join me on the quest. And remember it isn’t just about the physical clutter but also about the clutter that sucks up our time. I’m working on that part as well.

  2. If you ever need help with stuff like organizing, let me know =)

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