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It’s funny how one little project or idea turns into one more and then another and before you know it your schedule is so packed that one life change throws you into a tailspin that quickly goes out of control.  You wake up one day and look around at the mess you are living in wondering, “How did I go from being organized and meeting deadlines and having time for the things I enjoy to just existing to try and get things done?”

Two years ago I thought I had a handle on my schedule.  Then one family emergency threw my schedule completely out of whack.  I have not been able to get it back under control since.  I look around and see how far behind I am on getting our new house in order, getting the covenstead in order, getting our business in order and managing the volunteer work I do within the community.

So here’s where I’m drawing the line.  I WILL get it all together.  In order to do that I’m having to learn the hard lesson that I have to give up some of the projects I’ve taken on.  I’m taking a look at the organizations I’m involved with and asking myself if I’m really doing them a service if I can’t keep up.  Which ones would be better off with someone else doing what I am supposed to be doing?  Which ones can I keep up with better if I step out and allow someone else the opportunity to serve?  Where will my contributions really count?

So here is my journey of soul searching and cleansing.  I’ve got a lot of both to do and invite you to share this journey with me.  Maybe I can learn something from comments from you and maybe something I do can help someone out there.

Blessed be.

7 thoughts on “Getting Back to Business

  1. Hello my new, dear friend. You know, recently I had to make some difficult decisions about priorities: I had taken on so very much that little was left for my family . . . or even my own spirituality. I have done my “soul-searching and cleansing,” and it reminds me very much of some simple, mundane rules about closet organizing.

    Have I worn/enjoyed it in a year? No? Give it away to someone who can use it.
    Have I outgrown it? Yes? Give it away to someone more appropriate.

    It may sound silly, but when it’s all done, I can see my favorites all up front and can get to everything I need. Of course, this is a simplified version of the larger picture, but I think it helps me to think in pragmatic ways when I feel overwhelmed.

    Hang in there, my sister! Love, Seba

  2. I completely relate, my SiStar! Especially since the Great Shift of 12/21/12, many things that have been “percolating” have come up for serious reconsideration in my life as well.

    I support you on your personal journey of soul searching & cleansing.

  3. I have found myself in much the same set of circumstances in the past few years. I, like you, have come to a point in my life where I have had to scale back some of my commitments due to my own circumstances changing. lol You end up sharing so much more insight with me than I do with you, but I will share your journey with you and try to share my mine, as well. Oh, and by the way, you are a HUGE help to many people, Lady Cris. Please don’t lose sight of that, ever. Brightest blessings on your journey wishing you light and love.

  4. I feel ya, Cris! Walking in balance is a never ending challenge from my point of view. We struggle each day to sort out where our time and energy go. People that are “doers” are often the most challenged to squeeze in time for work, play, nurturing, projects, etc…
    It is all too easy to find ourselves in “that place” where you now stand – the place of forgetting what it’s like to have time to do those things that feed our own souls. We need that. We must feed our own souls if we are to be able to help others and do the things we are drawn to do in service to our communities and our deities.
    It’s not that all of our proverbial ducks must always be in a row, for that is not likely to happen and stay that way. It’s developing the ability to take a moment to evaluate the things we put our focus upon before the plate becomes so heavy that we can’t carry it!
    Blessing upon your endeavors…and good luck!!
    Love and hugs,
    Cyn )O(

  5. 🙂

  6. Beautifully written!! I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

    Namaste ~


  7. I would like to share your journey. I have always felt as though I have just existed and never lived. I have gone through my life taking care of others and making sure they had what they needed or what I could give, all the while forgetting to take care of myself. I have been lucky lately though there have been some great friends around me telling me I need to start taking care of me, and I thank them. Now I just need to follow through with their advice, so maybe I can live and just not exist.

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