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Yesterday’s blog was about blogging and why you should do it.  In the research I’ve been doing I’ve found some more marketing tips that involve blogging.   There are many more than this.  I’d love to hear about some of the ideas you have in the comments section. 

1 – Blog frequently and regularly.

This is the one I have the hardest time with.  I’ll get good at that for a short period of time and then life takes over and I look back one day and realized its been weeks since my last blog entry.  People are creatures of habit.  If you don’t blog regularly you will lose the readers you have gained and not attract new readers.  I found a suggestion to add a specific time period each day to work on your blog and make that one of your habits.

2 – Social Networking

Make sure you have social network accounts and make sure you have icons on your blog where people can connect to you on your social networks.   Make sure to post links to each blog entry on those social networks.  There are tons of social networks that you can make use of including some sites that are specific to Pagans.

3 – Guest Blogging

Find blogs that will allow you to guest blog and get some guests to blog on your site.  When you guest blog on someone else’s site, their followers will get the chance to read your blog and some of them might start following you.  When you have someone else guest blog on your site, that blogger’s followers will also go to your blog to read this guest’s article.  Some of them may click on your archives and be intrigued enough to start reading your blog.

4 – Comment on other blogs

Most of the places you can comment require you to create an account. Those accounts usually have a place for you to create a profile that can include the link to your website or blog.  When you comment many people will click on that profile to see who you are and end up landing on your website or blog.  The key here is to make your comments interesting enough to get people to follow the link.

5 – Join networks of bloggers

There are some good blogger networks out there that encourage bloggers to comment on each others’ blogs and share links to other members of the networks blogs.

6 – Keep your blog easy to read

Use paragraph breaks frequently.  Don’t repeat yourself.  Use spell and grammar check.  Learn the difference between words that spell check won’t catch like “their” and “there”.  Don’t use 1000+ words to say what you can say in 600 words.

7 – Add an RSS Feed Button to your Blog

An RSS Feed is an extremely useful tool because it allows others to monitor your blog without ever having to visit it.  Any time you update your blog they will get the update.  There are plenty of online tools that will help you through this. 

Next, we will talk about building up your online presence.

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