Achieving My Goals

How many articles and columns and blogs have we all read on New Year’s resolutions this past week?  I know I’ve stumbled upon quite a few while working on one project or another.  So, what’s one more?

I had a nice afternoon with a couple of friends earlier this week and one of the topics that was brought up was how we can achieve goals we have in common without adding more work to our already slammed schedules.  In fact, in a perfect world we would both like to reach these goals and even find a smidge more free time in our schedules.  Asking for the sky? Probably. 

One of my goals includes better promotion of my business and the two organizations that I run as well as one of which I’m on the governing board.  So, on the long drive back from my friend’s home I started researching this very problem.  Better promotion – less time.

I first found a link that a friend had posted on my Facebook page for a company called PaganPacks.  This not-for-profit company brings Pagan business owners together for the express purpose of helping each other promote their business.  Now, those of you that have businesses that have been a part of my orbit will know that helping pagan-owned businesses grow is a pet cause of mine.

So, Pagan Packs does this in several ways. 

1 –Pagan Packs and Fillers.

They have one program where business owners exchange something they call “fillers” to distribute.  From what I can gather, you can order the Pagan Pack bags from their website.  You join the yahoo group and send business cards, flyers, samples, whatever you want to contribute to the pack to whoever is doing a festival, has a store, a gathering, what-have-you.  It works kind of like the swag bags that we do at the festivals that North Georgia Solitaries puts on.  We let our vendors and sponsors put items in the swag bags and we hand them out to everyone at the festival.  The difference is that these go out to festivals and stores across the country where other participating business owners are.

2 – Webinars

They have webinars where they share tips on things like shopping carts, blogging, advertising, etc.

3 – Online Fairs

They do these free online fairs that involve some presentations and giveaways.  It appears that the vendors that sign up to do them get a chance to make a presentation as well and interact with the customers that attend the faire.  I haven’t attended one yet but I plan to attend the next one they put on as an attendee.  I’ll see about signing up for one as a vendor after that. 

4 – Ad sharing

They have a special group for ad sharing.  You have a place there to post ads and specials and advertise whatever is going on with your business. 

5 – Sharing of resources through the databases

I’ve browsed through their databases and found some vendors that offer drop shipping so other vendors can sell their items and both vendors make money.  I found a database on vendors that offer goods at wholesale prices.  There is a database of members that offer Affiliate programs.  There’s a place for members to list their social network links so other members can like, share, follow, etc.  and more. 

So, I signed up for Pagan Packs and spent a couple of days reading back through their archives and getting a handle on the rules of how this works.   I’ve already found a couple of things to help me with my goals.

One of my goals includes more active blogging.  So we’ll talk next time about what tips I got to help me with that.

One thought on “Achieving My Goals

  1. I just joined Pagan Packs myself. It sounds like a great idea. I’m going to mention it to the vender coordinator for the festival I’m staff in too.

    Now I just have to figure out what I can put into my packs.

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