Wonderful Mabon Celebration with NGS

What another fantastic day! North Georgia Solitaries celebrated Mabon on September 11, 2011 at Red Top Mountain State Park Pioneer Campground. The private campground, with its long history of use by local witches, is situated on Lake Allatoona and has a quiet energy that can be felt easily. It is not hard to sense where different groups have held circle. NGS has been celebrating there for over 6 years.

The afternoon started with the craft activity of making masks. There were masks for children as well as adults so everyone worked on decorating masks while a discussion was held on the use of masks in ritual. There were many creative masks made by children and adults. One industrious child went out and found a huge leaf and made a Greenman mask out of the leaf.

While the glue on the masks dried everyone proceeded down to the sacred space where Michelle Bryant and I led a workshop on cleansing sacred space. There was a table full of tools for everyone to try out including the children. It was so much fun watching everyone using the different tools.

During the day in a quiet area you could find an altar set up in memory of September 11 to mark the 10 year anniversary of that tragic day.  There were photos of the World Trade Center before and during the attack, photos of the Pentagon and field where Flight 33 went down in Pennsylvania.  There was a fireman’s shirt, a police officer’s badge, a marine pin and a small military figure to represent the emergency workers that worked so hard to save people.  The memorial was not only there to remind us of the lives lost but to remind us that intolerance can easily be turned into something deadly and horrific.  Many people spent some quiet moments at the altar reflecting and lit candles as a memorial.

Ritual was held in the circle with participation from everyone including the children. Parts were handed out to people in attendance. The children got to walk with the gatekeeper and help cast circle and hand out stones for everyone during the ritual for the magick that was worked.


North Georgia Solitaries is holding their Samhain Celebration on October 29 at Red Top. They will be holding a Trick-or-Treat Walk for the children, carving pumpkins, a blanket trade, ritual and drum circle. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for teens and $2 for children. Adult tickets can be purchased at a 20% discount if you purchase before Oct 1 and use the coupon code EARLYBIRD .

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