Celia Comes to Atlanta

Some of you may be familiar with Celia.  She is a singer/musician/songwriter/comedienne (there is just no one word to describe her) that travels the country performing and wowing crowds at churches, festivals, clubs, coffee houses, etc.

She is coming to Georgia this weekend and will be here through next weekend.  In the Pagan community she is most well-known for her song “Symbol”, which was adopted as the anthem for the Veteran Pentacle Quest spearheaded by Selena Fox.  She does so much more than that.

I first booked Celia for the Pagan Pathways Festival after seeing her video of her performing the song “Symbol”.  It was such a touching video that spoke to me about the many battles we Pagans have with discrimination.  Once I saw her do a complete show I was completely bowled over.
She does some music that is so spiritual in nature that it would be appropriate at any church or spiritual festival regardless of what faith is practiced by the crowd.  She has some other beautiful Celtic music that just gets the toes tapping.  Then there is the Trestle Foote Fairie.  What can be said about Trestle?  Somehow, right on stage with everyone watching, this elegantly beautiful redhead transformed herself into this cute fairy in pink.  Trestle is this naïve funny little soul that says things full of double-entendre that keep the audience in stitches.  A couple of favorite songs sung by Trestle are “Dr. Bronner’s Makes Your Hoo-Hoo Tingle” and “My Pussy”.    
I was so taken by Celia, the person, that once she got back to her side of the country I joined her “Tribe”, several friends and family members that work towards helping Celia, an Indie artist, get her music out in front of people.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Celia this last year and was thrilled when she wanted to come back to Atlanta and play at two of our local Pagan Pride Days.  She is a joy to spend time with as well as an entertainer not-to-be-missed.   If you get the chance you should not miss her while she is here.  She hails from New Mexico and currently Arizona so she doesn’t get to the south often.
Celia’s schedule while she is here in Georgia is as follows:
Saturday, September 24 – Savannah Pagan Pride Day – performing several times throughout the day
Tuesday, September 27 – Cosmic ConneXion – appearance and signing
Wednesday, September 28 – Trilogy Bookstore – appearance and signing
Thursday, September 29 – Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore – concert – contact Phoenix & Dragon for tickets
$12 advance – $15 at the door
Friday, September 30 – Harmony Learning Center, Tucker, GA –  concert – tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.
$12 advance – $15 at the door
Saturday, October 1 – Atlanta Pagan Pride Day
Sunday, October 2 – Harmony Learning Center – teaching Laughter Yoga & The Voice – tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite.
$50 for a full afternoon of instruction and practice

She will also be doing some private concerts and offering some private voice lessons while she is here.  If you are interested in a private concert or voice lesson you can contact me at ladycharissa@ngsolitaries.com.

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