Hearth Magick for today’s Hearth

This time of year is a great time for reflection. We are past the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the weather invites us to stay indoors. The daylight hours are shorter so we have more time in the darkness. Even the hours when the sun is up are not as bright as the other seasons. Many of us have fireplaces and try to spend as much time near them as possible. This is a great time for hearth magick.

Hearth magick is often thought of as kitchen magick. Hearth is a symbol of the womb. In the days of old the hearth was the focal point of Pagan life. Food was prepared in the hearth, family time was spent there and some ancestral shrines were place over the hearth. Spirits were said to gather at the hearth. Vesta, the Roman Goddess was connected to the hearth and home. She was the symbol of divinity within a living flame. The family and the fireplace were the territory of the mother in the home. She was one that tended the fire, keeping the flame alive. With no matches or lighters in that time, keeping hot embers was an important role.

Today, we are going to focus on magick for the hearths of today. Most of us have our fireplaces in our family rooms so that is where our hearths are located.

Let’s think about the word “hearth” for a moment in today’s context. It is pronounced “harth” like “heart”. It is often at the heart of the home. When someone speaks of the hearth, it often brings to mind the picture of a fireplace with a cozy fire and people gathered around it. At least that is the picture that comes to my mind. When growing up my family would often spend time sitting near the fire playing board games or putting together puzzles, watching tv together, reading or just enjoying the warmth of the fire.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the things you can do magickally at your hearth.

– Toss a handful of oak leaves, cloves, holly, rosemary, frankincense, cinnamon, or nettles onto the smoldering fire to protect your home.

– Place a besom (broom) near the fireplace to block negativity from entering the house through the fireplace.

– Place a design of three concentric circles (circles that share the same center point) above the opening to protect the home by the Triple Goddess.

– Hang a pouch containing grain from the early harvest over the mantle to call on the god Lugh to protect the home.

– Dry herbs by hanging them near the hearth.

– Scry by gazing into the fire for visions.

– You can predict the future by looking at how the wood burns.

– fire has the energy of transformation – write changes you want to bring about (things you want to bring into your life or things you want to banish) and burn them in your fireplace along with an herbal offering to the gods you are calling

Look into the energies you want to harness and use your imagination. Come up with ways you can work hearth magick in your home this winter.

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