Today we have snow. So, I’ve put together some uses for those of us that practice magick.

Snow can be used in several ways in magick. Snow water or even frozen snow in your freezer makes a great addition to your magickal supplies.

To collect snow for magickal use put one or more large mouthed containers outside while it is snowing. Allow them to collect the snow. I use trays, pans, large salad bowls and lids from storage bins to collect mine.

If you want to save snow water, filter the snow through a coffee filter and let it melt and drip through into a jar. This will remove the impurities. I usually mark on the jar or bottle the date the snow water was collected and which snow it was of the season – 1st, last, etc.

If you want to save it in your freezer, try to make sure you have as clean a snow as possible, pack it in a freezer bag or freezer container and stick it in your freezer for use later.


Snow water

Add a few drops of snow water to your spell or potion to:

freeze a situation or action

cool off tempers

purify something of negative feelings, energies, actions, etc.

fulfillment of hopes or dreams

silence outside noisiness so you can hear the messages from other worlds or the Gods

Holy water made from snow water is considered especially pure

Snow in its frozen form

Make a snow poppet for someone that is sick. Add an imprint or taglock of the person such as a piece of hair or fingernail. Visualize the illness melting away as the snow melts.

Carve a wish in the snow with your staff, wand or athame. Trace a pentacle over the the wish to seal it. Don’t forget to leave an offering in the snow as you ask the Gods to grant your wish.

Write a wish on a piece of paper, pack snow around it. Place it in a jar. Once the snow melts bury the contents of the jar in earth.

To be rid of something negative – fill a bowl up with snow – level it so it has a flat surface. Hold your hands over the bowl, palms downward visualize your negative something (habit, condition, energy, situation) being put down into the snow in the bowl. Push the power it has over you into the snow. Still visualizing the problem, sprinkle salt over it until you completely cover the surface.

“Crystal snow, crystal white,
Help me now, Win this fight,
Salt protect. White on white.
Powers water & earth.
Reign tonight.”

Think about snow’s characteristics. Take advantage of its magickal properties and work those energies into your own magickal endeavors. For starters, look at snow’s physical characteristics. It’s cold. It’s white. It can be wet or light and powdery. Think about how the world looks when it is covered with snow. Clean and pure. Quiet.

Build snowballs and empower them with the energies of a bad habit you want to get rid of. Throw the snowballs as far away as you can and see the bad habit’s power over you being destroyed as the snowball splats onto the ground or the tree or whatever you hit with it.

Write the name of someone that is bothering you and won’t leave you alone on a piece of paper. Put it in a freezer bag filled with snow and put it in the freezer until this person chills out.

Stop something in its tracks – write down your aggravation on a piece of paper – freeze it in a bag of snow until you can comfortably deal with it. Then thaw it out and deal with it. You can perform this type of magick for any sort of negative trait within yourself you wish to be rid of or an emotion you just can’t handle at the moment and need to put on ice until you are stronger.

Bury a piece of paper in the snow with a wish for something you want to hold or freeze in place. If snow is not available, bury the paper in crushed ice and place in the freezer.

Also, use snow to melt down a hard heart. Write the name of someone who is angry with you or cold-hearted toward you. Put it in a bowl of snow. (you can use ice cubes if you don’t have snow). Pour boiling water over the snow until it melts. Sprinkle this water around a picture of this person or across a path he/she is sure to tread.

Be creative. Think of other ways you can use snow or snow water in your magickal work.

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