Making Room for the Good Stuff

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything to this blog. Moving has proven to be a long, drawn out challenge. We have way too much stuff. It’s amazing when you start packing it all up how you find things you totally forgot you even had. Now that most of it is in the new place I’ve started going through it as I unpack it. I’m amazed at how much goes into the “don’t need this” pile. I’ve decided to reopen our internet business and use the need to get rid of this clutter to build start-up capital. We’ve still got a few things left to get out of the old house but we are working on it each weekend.

It’s funny how different people look at things differently. I had a friend recently that apparently heard we were moving through the ever popular grapevine. I’m not sure what he heard but he seemed to think this was a huge problem in our lives. When I first mentioned it a few months ago here on this blog I was torn between letting go of something I loved and looking forward to the benefits of moving. I have to say that now that we are here the blessings far outweigh any loss. I love the neighborhood. I am close enough to friends that I can walk to their house. The house is smaller, but more comfortable and certainly the ability to breathe has made it more comfortable.

David and I have taken a good look at what has been going on in our lives over the last few years. We’ve made the decision to rid our lives of anything that clutters it and make room for the good stuff that we want to fill it with. When you start looking at what clutters your life it is amazing what you find. Maybe you have a job you don’t like and dread going to everyday. Maybe there are people that bring you down. Maybe it is actual physical clutter that keeps you from having a nice neat environment to call your sanctuary, your home. Maybe it is meaningless tasks that you busy yourself with while complaining that you don’t have the time to do thing things you want to do. We found that we had a little of all of that and made a vow to get rid of anything that is weighing us down to make room for the things we really want.

It’s amazing how the things you really want come knocking on your door when they can get to the door. We aren’t working at the job we both hated anymore. We don’t have the house that was having an adverse effect on my health. There are people that were in our lives that were causing quite a bit of stress that aren’t there any longer. Once we started removing those things from our lives, David got a great job offer. I’ve got friends living close by that are likely to stop in and say hello. I’m able to start up my home business again. I have more time for more spiritual pursuits. I can’t wait to see what else comes our way as we remove more clutter from our lives.

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