Amazingly, with all the meetings, rituals, classes, work and everything else I managed to fill up my schedule with, we have now added moving to our schedule. Makes me wish I had not become such a packrat over the last few years. I’ve been slowly working on cleaning out stuff as time allowed but now it is just clean it out and make quick decisions and dump it.

This is one of those times when you sit back and look around and ask yourself what is the lesson here? What is the gift here? What is the blessing here? Sometimes they are hard to find. I love my house and am having to move. The place we found to move is really nice and cute but quite a bit smaller than our current home so I’m having to make some tough decisions on furniture and other belongings. My cats are not going to have the screened in porch they love so much and the yard won’t have the nice large space for circle I have now. We will be driving at least 5 times further to work eating up more gas.

So, what is the blessing? The blessing is that the house we are in now has a mold issue. I have breathing issues so living with the mold is a problem. The blessing is that we are moving from a neighborhood where we don’t know anyone to a neighborhood that has one of my best friends moving to it. The blessing is that we will be paying significantly less. I might even be able to work my way back to working from home again. In retrospect, we probably should have done this before now but I am a big believer in all things come in the time they are meant to. This is how we learn the lessons we need to learn. So here’s to my new lessons and challenges.

Today I being making offerings of thanks for the blessings of finding this home we’ve found and thanks that it is located so close to people I care about so much. Thanks for letting me find a landlord that was so easy to work with about my cats. I could never have given up such important members of my family. Thanks for my husband that works so hard to not give me a hard time about all the stuff I have and actually manages to make it seem like he has sympathy over me having to get rid of some of it. šŸ™‚ Thanks to the wonderful friends that have jumped in to offer assistance and love. Life is really good. My reality is really good.

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