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Time to Stand Against Hate

Anyone that knows me will not expect many comments from me on political or social issues.  It isn’t that I do not care or that I do not keep up with what is going on.  I am just usually busy marketing community projects and my own business and keep my political views to myself.  This week I do not feel that I have the option to keep going with business as usual.  This week has shown us something more horrible than anything I could ever imagine happening in the United States.   This week something has happened that requires every American, every Human to stand up and say “NO!” to.

Last weekend people calling themselves the Alt Right, White Nationalists, Ku Klux Klan, White Supremacists, Aryan Nation, etc. gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia under the guise of protesting the removal of a Confederate statue with their hate-filled chants, violence and horror.  One of those people decided to drive their car into a crowd of people with the intention of hurting as many as possible.  One young woman was killed and many more were injured.

You would think that would be the worst of it.  You would think that all our leaders would put aside  their differences and come together to assure the country that this is not acceptable.  Our leaders would stand together and assure us that the evil that showed up that day was not welcome here and all that is possible would be done to protect the country from this evil.  Assure the world that this is not representative of what is in America at its heart.   For the most part, that did happen.  Until we got to the President of the United States.

Our President, the leader of the free world, the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces, stood in front of the cameras and told us that there was violence on both sides.  He told us that the counter-protesters brought clubs to the protest and implied that “they started it”.  He even went so far as to say that there were some “very fine” people on both sides.  ………..  Let that sink in for a moment.  Very fine people marching under swastikas and confederate flags.  Very fine people carrying torches and chanting hateful rhetoric.  Very fine?????!!

So here I am.  What can one person do? Many would say nothing.  I’ve been told by some that there isn’t anything you can do about it so just ignore it.  I just can’t.  Not this.

So here I am standing up and saying “NO!  THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!”  America was founded by immigrants.  America went through a long and bloody history to learn that equality has no color.

Perhaps the good people of America have become complacent.  Perhaps we have looked the other way too often when confronted with the ugliness of racism and hate.  We cannot do that anymore.

Stand Against Hate!  Do so in your own way but step outside the comfort zone and stand up.  I pledge to Stand Against Hate when I see it.  I pledge to show everyone that I will not participate or ignore hateful rhetoric.   Do not allow the hate to become comfortable.  Do not fight hate with hate.  But do not allow people to get away with posting or saying or doing hateful racist things.  Force them back into the shadows.

It probably will not be long before something else is making the headlines.  The issue will still be there.  The hatemongers will still be there.  We need to stay vigilant.  I am usually one of the first to say focus on the positive in your life and uplift the world around you.  And yes, we should do that.  We also owe it to humanity to stay vigilant and keep the evil at bay.

Click here to add Stand Against Hate to your profile picture on Twitter or Facebook.

There are many other ways to stand up against hate.  Consider donating to organizations that protect our liberties such as ACLU or organizations that work to identify hate groups such as Southern Poverty Law Center.  If you cannot afford to donate show your support on your social media.  Speak out when you see hate.  Contact your representatives in government and make it clear that you will only vote for people that stand firmly against hate.  Tell them you will not vote for people that do not call out those in power that support hate.

For quick reference here is a link to the directory of the House of Representatives with their phone numbers.

Here is a link to the directory of the Senate with phone numbers.

Fun new outlet for Pagan businesses

I mentioned in the last post that I have a new project I am excited about.  I have partnered up with Sadie Odinsdottir, a good friend and fellow business owner to put together a Pagan marketplace.  It is called Pagan Markets.  The idea is to provide sellers in the Pagan community a platform to sell their wares without fear of being shut down.

We just started building the site this month.  We are now open for business and have a nice number of sellers already setting up shop.  Here’s some products from some of the sellers:



From Freyja’s Fire we have a beautiful Oco Geode Necklace.








From Raven’s Shadow Crafts, here is a customizable Poppet with a Pocket.  (note:  this item is actually listed in another market)


Wild Witchery has joined us and is showcasing their magickal perfume – The Wilds.





To shop these sellers and more, check out Pagan Markets!

Update in the life of this witch

I have not been consistent with my blogging.  I find that I am doing so much all of the time that I neglect to take time to write about it.  I enjoy the writing process.  I just need to make myself stop and do it.

So, for those that are interested here is a short update on my businesses.

Last summer I stepped down as head of the Pagan Business Network to Rhiannon Hood.  I am still working with Pagan businesses and with PBN on a daily basis.

I stepped up my own business, Charissa’s Cauldron, this year.  I started out the year by adding an affiliate, drop ship and wholesale pricing programs to my business.  I upped my game in marketing and have had some pretty good results.  I decided to expand my shop to include products from several drop ship companies.  That increase my online catalog to more than 10,000 products.  We have not gotten all of the product up yet.  We are adding new product every day.

In addition to that, we have gone back to selling products on multiple platforms.  It worked well for us in the past and seems to be starting off well now.

So there’s the update on the business projects I carried over from last year.  Next post I will talk about a new project I am excited about.

Shopping Sunday!

There are so many great merchants in the Pagan community.  The summer is generally a slow time for those that aren’t vending at festivals.

Many of you know that I run the Pagan Business Network and that I am devoted to serving the Pagan business community.  These particular businesses participated in the FREE sharing ladder on the Pagan Business Network Facebook page.  If you have a business and would like to be featured here, be sure and go the PBN Facebook page and find the most recent sharing ladder (pinned to the top of the page).  Follow the easy instructions to participate.  It will help you gain more exposure there as well as get you featured here and on my social media channels.

Take a moment and check out these great shops.  If you aren’t buying please share them on your social media channels to help them get a little exposure that might lead to some business.

The Sacred Oak

This merchant makes a wide variety of items.   I have purchased her candles, her dolls and some of her herbs.  My favorite work of hers are the items that she sews and embroiders.  Beautiful work!  Her customer service cannot be beat.

She is currently having a 25% Off sale throughout her shop.  The plan is to close the shop down on June 22.  I’m still hopeful that she will reconsider closing it completely and perhaps just put it on a hiatus with the intention of bringing it back.

Five Elements Journal - The Sacred OakCustom Cloak by The Sacred Oak Celtic Fox Talisman Bag by The Sacred Oak Celtic Hawk Talisman Bag by The Sacred Oak Tree Goddess Altar Tile by The Sacred OakCandles by The Sacred Oak


Sosanna’s Closet

I cannot remember the first item that caught my eye in this shop.  I’ve been following for her for so long and have admired so many of her items.  I do remember that I was thrilled to find another Hecate devotee.  It isn’t always easy to find items made specifically for the patron goddess I serve and I can always count on finding something in her shop.

If you are looking for some great Pagan imprinted shirts, this is where you need to go.  Her wire wrapping is so elegant you would be hard pressed to find something like it elsewhere.  I love her candles.  They have these great designs applied with tissue and then coated with wax.  Everything is packaged well and she gives customers her best.

Etched Glass by Sosanna's Closet Pagan Hoodie by Sosanna's ClosetThe Fates by Sosanna's ClosetOwl Candle by Sosanna's ClosetWoven Copper Pendant Necklace by Sosanna's ClosetLoki Onesie by Sosanna's Closet




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